ST 70 Power Module Controlled Soldering Station

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ST70 Power Supply with Power Module inserted
No knobs, displays or programming ... just plug in a Power Module, turn it on, and it works!


Power Modules Precisely Control Temperature!

The ST 70 is a single channel system that comes equipped with the TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron, considered by many to be the most comfortable soldering handle available. Unlike Metcal/Easy Braid/Thermaltronics "curie point' technologies, which requires the user to buy expensive tips to change temperature, the ST 70 regulates temperature via the use of 8 different Power Modules™. You never have to buy additional tips to change temperature with the ST 70!

ST70 Power Modules regulate soldering iron temperatures
ST 70 regulates temperature via the use of 8 different Power Modules


No Knobs, No Displays, No Programming ... Just Turn It On, and It Works!

The ST 70 is extremely easy to operate. Simply select the performance/heat level you desire, plug in the appropriate color-coded Power Module into the front panel, and the system takes care of the rest! Each Power Module heat level corresponds to a Fahrenheit temperature equivalent, so that Heat Level 6.5 is roughly equivalent to 650°F, Heat Level 7.5 is similar to 750°F and so on (see chart below). A color-coded diode tells you when you are ready to solder. The ST 70 is supplied with 6.5, 7 and 7.5 Power Modules; higher or lower Heat Levels are optionally available.

ST70 Power Module Heat Level Chart
Power Module heat levels correspond to a Fahrenheit temperature equivalent, thus Heat
Level 6.5 is roughly equivalent to 650°F, Heat Level 7.5 is similar to 750°F and so on


Significantly Lower Your Costs with TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridges

TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering IronThe system is packaged with the TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron, considered by many to be the most comfortable soldering handle available, along with Tip & Tool Stand. Crafted by a team of surgical instrument engineers to eliminate fatigue and improve control, the PACE TD-100 is simply the most ergonomic, powerful and easy to use soldering iron on the market today! The handpiece uses a patented Tip-Heater Cartridge which can be changed in seconds, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat! Yet TD-100 single point soldering tips cost less than $11 (US) ... compare that to the much higher prices of Hakko, Metcal, Easy Braid, Thermaltronics and JBC tips!

TD-100 with Diamond Tip-Heater Cartridge   TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridges plug in and out in seconds!   Hundreds of tip geometries are available for the TD-100
Most single point TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridges cost less than $11, heat up in seconds
and are Hot-Swappable without tools and without turning the power supply off!


Power Without Expense!

But just because they cost less doesn't mean TD-100 soldering tips are less powerful. Performance and responsiveness is exceptional, perfect for demanding Lead-Free or multilayer soldering. TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridges feature instantaneous load sensing and on-demand power. Thermal demand is continuously monitored and the heater responds immediately by providing power to meet the demand from the work, without overshoot. And operators are not locked into a single temperature like Metcal, Easy Braid or Thermaltronics, which require a separate (and very expensive) tip to be purchased for each temperature desired!

Primary Features
  • IntelliHeat Closed Loop Temperature Control Technology
  • Performance Level Lockout - if Power Module is removed, the system is shut down
  • Supplied with 6.5, 7 and 7.5 Power Modules (5 other Power Module Heat Levels optionally available)
  • Tip & Tool Stand comes with Sponge, Stay-Moist Well, non-abrasive Brass Wool to clean oxidation and holds up to 6 tips
  • Completely ESD/EOS safe; ESD grounding jack
  • Durable aluminum extrusion housing incorporates "T-Slots" for mounting
  • Stackable
  • Can be mounted under bench or shelf with optional Bracket P/N 1321-0609-P1
  • Optional Instant SetBack Cubby available for extending tip-life
  • Expand capabilities with optional IntelliHeat handpieces: MT-100 MicroTweez, TT-65 ThermoTweez and PS-90 Soldering Iron


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120 V Part #: 8007-0504
230 V Part #: 8007-0518
  • IntelliHeat Control Technology
  • Performance level lockout (if Power Module is removed the system is sut down)
  • ESD grounding jack
  • ESD Safe metal housing
  • Stackable
  • Supplied with 6.5, 7 & 7.5 Power Modules
  • Can be mounted under workbench or shelf with optional bracket
  • Power Requirements97-127 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max/197-253 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max
  • ControlPower Module
  • Control TechnologyIntelliHeat
  • Tip to Ground Resistance2 ohms or less
  • Temperature AccuracyN/A
  • Absolute Temperature Stability° 1.1°C (° 2 °F) at idle tip temp.
  • Temperature RangeTip Heater Compatible Handpieces = 205° to 454°C (400° to 850°F) Nominal
    SensaTemp Compatible Handpieces = 176°(Dial)or 37°C (Digital Display) to 482°C (350°(dial)or 100° (Digital Display) to 900°F) Nominal
  • System Can be CalibratedYes



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