ST 1600 - Programmable Pre-Heater with Built-in PCB Holder

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The most powerful 4-Zone Pre-heater available.

The ST 1600 from PACE is the most powerful and fl exible pre-heating system available on the market today. The system features four 400 watt IR heaters for a total power output of 1600 Watts. Each of the four heaters can be turned on or off independently and can be set to it’s own unique temperature; giving the user complete control and flexibility. The ST 1600 fi ts easily onto any electronics’ workbench. The system comes standard with an integrated PCB holder with a 305 mm x 406 mm (12" x 16") capacity.

The ST 1600 is fully programmable and possesses the unique programming features that you expect from PACE.  These features include: password protection, auto-off timer, °C/°F, and “Scan Mode” where the system will display the “set” and “actual” temperatures of the individual heaters. Additionally, the system can be put into a closed loop control mode where the heater activity is controlled by a thermocouple placed on the PCB being worked on.

High mass, Lead Free PCBs are no longer a problem when using the ST 1600! Using auxiliary heating or “Pre-Heating” allows the successful completion of soldering or desoldering operations without having to use dangerous, damaging high temperatures. The ST 1600 will improve productivity, allow for a safe process, and reduce operator frustration when working with challenging PCBs.

The ST 1600 features a steel housing and frame for maximum durability and has four adjustable feet to elevate, lower, or angle the system.

120 V Part #: 8007-0563
230 V Part #: 8007-0564
  • Dimensions127mm (5") H x 381mm (15") W x 457.2mm (18") D
  • Weight13.15kgs (29lbs)
  • Power Requirements120 VAC, (Domestic), 14 Amps (1600W) 230 VAC, (Export), 7 Amps (1600W)
  • Temperature Operating Range38°C - 232°C (100°F - 450°F)
  • ControlLED Digital Display & Keypad
  • Pre-Heaters4 Ceramic Infra Red (IR) Heaters Each heater is 400 Watts for a total output of 1600 Watts.
  • PC Board Size305mm x 406mm (12" x 16")
  • Calibration RequiredNo
  • RoHS CompliantYes



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