ST 925 SMT Rework System

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Low-Cost Convective and Infrared System for SMT Rework

ST-PH Combo System nozzle applicationThe ST 925 combines three popular PACE products together into one convenient, low-cost SMT Rework System. The system is comprised of the ST 325 Programmable Convective/Hot Air Rework Station, the PH 100 Low Profile Infrared Preheater and ST 500A Z-Axis Platform. Together, the system provides a powerful 575 Watt convective top-side heater plus a 1600 Watt IR bottom-side preheater which allows operators to safely rework PCBs for fast, efficient soldering, rework or repair, even on the highest mass, thermally challenging, lead-free PCBs.

Fully Programmable, Self-Contained Convective/Hot Air Station

The ST 925 features a self-contained convective/hot air SMT rework station that is fully programmable and can be used to remove and install surface mount components. From the front panel, the system can be used in either manual or “timed” modes. Manual mode means that the system generates heated airflow when the cycle button is pressed; when it is pressed a second time the system shuts off. “Timed” modes allow the operator to create up to 20 “Profiles” that consist of time and temperature parameters to ensure process control and repeatability. The system uses a pump to generate airflow that first passes through a heater, where it is warmed to the appropriate temperature, and then through optionally available heat-focusing nozzles that “shape” the air stream for the specific component. A user-friendly front panel interface with Digital Display allows for easy adjustment of temperature, flow rate and timing and intuitive programming and profile development. A unique adapter allows instant change out of Nozzles, without tools. Over 80 low-cost Nozzles are available for a wide variety of surface mount components.

Advanced Features

ST 925 Convective/Infrared Rework System


ST325 Convective/Hot Air Rework StationST 325 Programmable Convective/Hot Air SMT Rework Station
A digital, self-contained hot air rework station that is fully programmable and can be used to remove and install surface mount components. For full details, click HERE or on the ST 325 image on the left.





PH 100 Low Profile IR PreheaterPH 100 Low Profile IR Preheater with Magnetic PCB Holders
A high powered (1600 Watt), non-contact infrared preheating system with an ergonomic, low profile design and intuitive 3.5" Touch Screen Display. For full details, click HERE or on the PH 100 image on the left.





ST500 Adjustable Z-Axis PlatformST 500A Adjustable Z-Axis Platform/Stand
An adjustable stand for the ST 325 Convective Handpiece, allowing hands-free operation and repetitive component removals and replacements - click HERE or on the image at left for full description.





Over 80 Quick-Fit Nozzles Available!Over 80 Optional Heat Focusing Nozzles Available
Low-cost, Single Jet, Box, BGA and Pattern Nozzles are available for a wide variety of surface mount components (Nozzles not included) - click HERE or on image at left for Nozzle selection.





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120 V Part #: 8007-0576
230 V Part #: 8007-0577



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