ThermoBond PLCCs, LCCCs, SOJs, Ceramic QFPs, Basic

Terms and Definitions

ThermoBond Cir-Kit frames are pre-tinned (RoHS compliant) on one side and incorporate an advanced thermoactivated dry-film adhesive backing which is hot-bonded in 15 seconds at safe, low temperatures. This particular ThermoBond Cir-Kit frame is for use with PLCCs, LCCCs, SOJs, Ceramic QFPs and includes a window with a clear thermoactivated dry-film adhesive that could be cut and used to re-bond lifted pads that are still connected.

120 V Part #: 1200-0151-01-P1      NSN: 5999-01-499-4359
230 V Part #: 1200-0151-01-P1      NSN: 5999-01-499-4359



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