PACENTER Authorized IPC Training for Soldering/Rework

Terms and Definitions

Process Guides that cover specific component applications for assembly, rework and repair. These are searchable by installation/removal, component type, and handpiece or system used.

Today’s rapidly changing electronics industry requires high quality, flawless reliability and unsurpassed productivity.  This has placed an increasing demand for highly skilled and well trained operators, assemblers, technicians and inspectors in virtually all segments of the industry.  Rework and Repair skills must be taught, learned, developed and practiced over time and then reevaluated periodically to ensure they are kept current as technology marches forward.  For over 50 years, PACE has provided state of the art, hands-on solder training, perfecting an innovative approach that combines industry insight and knowledge with practical hands on practice.  Companies and individuals throughout the world have turned to PACE to gain these valuable skills and improve their overall performance as well as the bottom line.


Course Calendar

PACE Worldwide is an IPC authorized, public training center for the IPC-A-610, the IPC-J-STD-01 and the IPC 7711/7721 standards.  Additionally, we have the ability to conduct IPC certification training for a variety of other IPC Standards through our partnership with Blackfox Training.  For a complete listing of courses available, please visit the course calendar.

Course Descriptions

These industry-developed and approved programs use the two-tier "train the trainer" approach for standardized classroom training to assure understanding of criteria in the industry's most popular documents. This training leads to an industry traceable certification for the instructors, quality team, management and operators on J-STD-001; IPC-A-610 and the IPC 7711/7721.

Hand Soldering Manual for Rework / Repair & Assembly

For over 50 years, PACE’s primary focus has been developing controlled processes which recognize practical human abilities and provide consistent, high quality results.  This document is a compilation of general information and process guides (procedures) for the manual assembly and rework of through-hole and surface mounted components. The process guides contained herein are based on years of experience of technicians and training experts worldwide representing the best industry practices.

Application Process Guides

Process Guides take the user, step by step, through an installation or removal of a specific component using a specific piece of equipment and technique. In many cases, there is a variety of methods for installing and removing the same component. Using the Process Guide Selection Wizard, simply select the process guide which best suits your individual requirements or, explore other methods and techniques.

PACE Accredited Training Centers

The PACE Accredited Training Center or “ATC” program has been established as an outreach program to offer the advantages of PACE’s technology, equipment and industry insight to a select group of training institutions serving the electronics industry throughout the world. These select groups have demonstrated a sustained dedication to electronics rework and repair training excellence and carry a variety of industry approved certifications as well as decades of industry experience. PACE is proud to endorse this group as PACE Accredited Training Centers.

Video Search 

PACE Videos

For over 30 years, PACE Video productions have been legendary in the industry. Ranging from rework and repair to equipment overviews to handpiece video manuals to compilations seen in the classroom and on the show floor, PACE videos provide a comprehensive visual component to our extensive procedural coverage. Videos can be viewed as a stand-alone instructional tool or as a companion to our Process Guides to ensure the most technically accurate solution to your electronics rework and repair applications.


Technical Articles

This section of PACENTER is where you will find technical articles and documentation on soldering, rework and the repair of electronic assemblies as well as information on equipment and Fume Extraction.

  Training Materials

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